Upskill (for students)

Up skill Internship program Train and work on emerging technologies. 

              All our programmes are ‘ Absolutely FREE‘ for students at no point do we charge any        money for anything  .

                It is FREE and will always remain FREE for  passionate and sincere students .

The Mission : Upper band goal: Create globally competitive startups out of India.

Lower band goal: Create huge high skill talent pool in India and prepare them to leapfrog into the highly rewarding hi-tech careers.

How it Works ?

This session is open to all students who wish to explore emerging career options.It will give you a framework to predict the future scope of technologies on  Blockchain/ IoT /AI / Web/ Cloud etc.

Details: This is a one hour Session with 45 mins of speaker time + 15 minutes of Q&A

See links below for Seminar schedule

“Technology leaders of tomorrow”
From among the emerging technologies, if IoT is your choice of career, we will train you FREE in one of the following Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) RTOS Embedded Linux on Arm WIFI and give you hands-on experience with a commercial product idea.

Due to limited seats, if we can’t accommodate you in the program batch, you can still join the study-groups that meet weekly to study the topic which interests you.This increases the chance of you getting selected for internships in the next round.

Skilling is complete only if you can apply the knowledge and create something industry ready.

In this stage of the program, you will be working on your own disruptive idea or optionally on a pre-selected idea.

Based on your performance in the program

you have a chance to be incubated at BHAU Institute or use the skill

to better your career.

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