Training program

Sr no Topic Development boards Topics covered Trainer Name Skills needed
1 Embedded Linux (Linux on Arm) Qualcomm Snapdragon410E Operating system architecture Basics,Kernel Initialization ,System Initialization,File Systems , Porting Linux .Buildroot, Yocto
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Nikhil Bhaskaran Some operating system  knowledge is good to have
Embedded Linux (Linux on Arm) Huawei Kirin 970 Nikhil Bhaskaran Some operating system  knowledge is good to have
2 Embedded Linux(Router Os) MTK7620 All of above except Yocto -instead learn Openwrt
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Nikhil Bhaskaran Operating system architecture familarity +Computer Networking concepts
3 Artificial Intelligence
on Edge
1. Python
2. Computer Vision
3. Machine Learning
4. Deep Learning
5. Natural language processing
6. Data Analysis
7. Tensorflow
8. Caffe
9. Porting AI libraries to Embedded
Systems – Tensorflow/Caffe/Tflearn/Theano/Pytorch.
10. Creating AI applications on
AI board
4 BLE NRF52832 Learn the concepts of an RTOS – Need, Requirements, Working Self study group led by :Parikshit Chitnis/Mani Sadashivam/Nikhil Bhaskaran RTOS Concepts
Learn Zephyr internals:Zephyr Kernel Primer/Device tree usage/Device driver model
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Escalation queries solved by : Linaro
4a Bluetooth Low energy TI CC2541 Bluetooth Stack(Gatt/GAP role)  TBD
HAL Programming
TI-RTOS implementation
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