Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! for some

Q1        Who can apply for an internship?

A1        Any S.E/T.E /B.E student from any stream of engineering who is passionate to learn about the booming IoT industry.

Q2    What Happens after I apply for an internship?

A2   These are the steps  (all dates r tentative)

-Attend an emerging career seminar

-Apply (before Jan 31)

– check the name in shortlist

– Interview

– Final selection list

Q3: Is there an Internship schedule page?

A3 : Yes all updates on internship appear on this page

Q4  What are the selection criteria for Internship?

A4    For selection criteria and improving your chances of getting in.Check this page 

Q5       Does you offer flexibility, to select batch timing?

A5       Yes, we will have different time slots each batch is 3 hours, morning and evening batches are available.

Q6      After completion of training can we get the training certificate?

A6       We provide you with skills and your working product is proof of completion, not the certificate.

Q7        How much we have to pay for the Internship?

A7   Internship is selection-based and training is absolutely FREE once selected.

Includes :

All development boards  (retained by us)
Cost of source code (you can keep it and use it anywhere)
Cost of the internet.
Cost of the trainer.

Doesn’t include:

Laptops (bring them yourself)
Stay (currently only offered  for Pune students)

For selection criteria and improving your chances of getting in.Check this page.

Q8        How many days in a week we need to come during the Internship?

A8        We are working this out with your college departments so you have a smooth schedule.For most courses, you will be coming 2 -3 days a week.

Q9        Will you let me take home the kit for further practice?Will you sponsor materials and kit for B.E project or startup?

A9        No, we don’t Sponsor Kits all training kits are to be returned at end of training. Although in some cases we may help you get those kits at the cheapest possible price if you really want to have them for future use.


Q10   How much do you charge for the ’emerging career session’ and the ‘training program’?

A10  Both the session and the training program are absolutely FREE!

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Q11        How to apply for Internship?

A11     For applying internship click here


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