It can be quite difficult to get the proverbial foot in the door at a reputable business in the marketing world, and almost any other niche in that respect. It can be very easy to become discouraged after looking at job after job which needs 3–5 years of experience for an entry-level position.

This is where internships come into play, though.

For college students, internships are one of the best ways to get their foot in the door right out of school for potential jobs. In addition , the National Association of Colleges and Employers found among those students who took on paid internships that these students had a 72 per cent chance of getting a job offer.

  1. Experience It

As a college student, finding someone who’s willing to let you get hands on your target industry experience can be quite difficult. Since most job openings, including entrance-level jobs, require some kind of industry experience, internships are often the only way a student can get that experience.

2. Take on evidence

Besides being able to write down that you have experience, an internship helps you to begin to collect real data and proof that you can make an impact in a company.

3. Networking.

It’s a term you hear throughout the college and by the end you ‘re probably so sick of it. There ‘s certainly truth though, that your network is the most important thing you can create. Even if you’ve got a great resume, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get anyone to take a look.

The cold hard truth is that the labor market is now so competitive that there is only a slight likelihood that a recruiter will even look at your resume if you apply cold.

However, if you have a connection inside a corporation, the reality is much different. A new research released on LinkedIn found that networking fills over 80 percent of job vacancies.

4. Raising your faith

One problem facing many college students, and even recent grads, is that when compared to a more experienced candidate, they are not confident in their skill set.

There is however something empowering to be trusted with a real job in a real business with real consequences and results.

When a college student is put into an internship and sees that they can actually do the job they’ve been training for, there’s no question that it gives them more confidence that they’re actually prepared for the world of work.

5. Earn a job

An internship’s holy grail is that you get hired on at the same company (if you want that). That’s what it is all about in the end. If you can impress your employer then it is highly likely they would choose to fill a vacancy with a applicant who already knows the work culture and standards of the business.

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