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Answer Key (Some important ones)

Leadership Questions (Common to all Team Leads) Explanation
Which of these qualities makes a good leader? *
Correct Answer
Must be able to build consensus and move together Teams split if consensus building is not attempted
Must lead by example and be able to naturally command respect Members stick to walk the talk leaders
Must act fast but needs to be sensitive to important points Acting fast is very important
Must have high levels of energy Leadership is demanding you cant get easily tired,fall sick often or have poor health.
Leader must admit mistakes honestly Over time members trust a leader who admits honestly
When confused what is your response ? * Checks Love for clarity
Correct answer
I don’t like confusion This answer will be chosen by people who always seek clarity in things
Which one do you think best suits you ? * Checks Love for Organisation
Correct answer
I can’t handle things unless they are structured ,thought and well arranged Love for organisation , every project today is complex ,ability to handle mess can only help in simple projects but not super complex projects or for top level leaders
When you see a reputed startup with strong founders goof up what do you think? * Checks Maturity of respondent
Correct answer
Things are complex on top Immature people always think they can do things much better but actually everyone in top is intelligent and trying their best too but situations go out of hand and get very complex .Idealists would think enough resources can solve it but in practice no money can buy enough resources and make conditions ideal
When you are stuck on a problem too long what is your response? * Trick question
Correct answer
I would sleep and think of it the next day Many great ideas come when the leader sleeps over the problem , this checked if they know of this option or will take the classic route of going on .In this test it checked if respondent can think different .
Which of this describes you best ? *
Correct answer
I prefer to do few things slowly as long as making progress. Slow and steady really wins the race in long term .Only very mature people realise that.
Deep Techie
Which of these describes you best ? *
Correct answer
I prefer to do few things slowly as long as making progress. All deep subjects need go careful but steadily progress approach
Which is your preferred method of learning a very niche subject? *
Correct answer
Read everything I can find on that topic and ponder over it In deep tech most of the solutions are not documented already , this happens only in common subjects , so people will ability to ponder and come up with a soluton do better
Which of these qualities set in your team members impress you most? *
Correct answer
Patient ,consistent , avid reader of topic and implements them Of all these qualities implementing is most important , only a reader or idea generator sounds cool but will not be able to come up with real solution
Premium Job Seeker
Which skills get you hired in a premium job ? *
Correct answer
Published a paper on the topic Most premium jobs are not advertised , the are mostly hired through recruiters who look through these forums to find premium talent
Published code online on the topic and got very popular
Product Innovator
What are the right steps to innovate? *
Correct answer
Research the topic deep – gain expertise in the area – Observe likely improvements and try to implement them
If you are asked to innovate a JCB machine? *
Correct answer
I will use new technologies which has never been used before Companies like JCB hire best talent and are engaged in continous research in their domain.It is immature to think someone can study it all over again and innovate .All new innovations in old products are result of use of something which wasnt available to anyone else before but the innovator is expert in new area and added it to old product first.
Entrepreneurship Enthusiast
Who is the manufacturer in India of Electric Bus used by PMPL? (One word answer only) *
Correct answer
Olectra Entrepreneurs learn from surroundings more than Google.They must be curious to spot new companies and market opportunities before others .EV is hot new technology and this information is written on every Electric bus by PMPL(sorry to non-Pune applicants)
Does NAAC fund EDC in college? * Awareness check
Correct answer AICTE funds 10 lakh to each college for EDC.Many EDC members applied this was to check if they knew or tried to check where they money comes from and how much really is the budget
Who does your college submit accounts to ? *
Correct answer
Charity commissioner If you are ever curious to know how college operates and how much money they make the accounts are public .Entrepreneurs must be curious and know where to get right information from.
Which of these is most important for normal startup ? *
Correct answer
Customer traction For me too startups -Investors invest in startups which have traction
Which of these is closest to a typical sequence of funding ? *
Correct answer
Bootstrap -FFF-Angels-VC-PE
What is lean startup method ? *
Correct answer
A startup that creates mvp ,validates it and moves further




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