Hey there! We are the coolest and most open IoT community.
Join our initiative and work in a collaborative environment to gain more out of the IoT opportunity

“Who we are”

IoT – We are a bunch of passionate tech enthusiasts who want to work together to get maximum of the IoT opportunity. We mostly hold events including technical and business and sometimes we just meet for coffee to rub some motivation into each other.

“Why Choose Us?”

Open and Free community
Hardware development support
Hardware import support
Technical Up skilling and workshops
Collaboration tools
Prototyping support from market development labs
Market trial coordination
Business model support

“Our Services”

IoT is an ecosystem play. The IoT Community enables members to create the next generation of IoT concepts that no single company can deliver quickly on its own. Working together, members ideate, develop, validate, showcase, and trial new solution concepts and develop business models that create paths to new revenue for the entire value chain.

We will have regular meetups to promote and support our community growth.


We will have meetups atleast once every month stay connected with us on Facebook .

“Technical Upskilling and workshops”
We offer fully free training to students in Pune university on Embedded Linux ,Bluetooth and Wifi (focus areas) .The training qualifies you to get funded and start a startup in latest tech. Click here for details 
Once in a while, we will bring in industry experts to host practical workshops.

“Manufacturing support”]This is where we are best in India.
Nikhil Bhaskaran-the founder of this community has resided in China for 7 years and has a massive OEM experience to help you get economical prices.

“Market trial coordination” – Design thinking necessitates that a product is constantly validated with relevant users even during the production stage.This is a very tough for a startup or small company with limited resources but the community will help each other validate the product as it grows in strength.

“Idea to product” – This community is not just for makers but also for marketing and industry professionals who may have ideas but need technical expertise and help to bring it to reality.Ideally, you should be able to come to one of our meetups and find enough people to do that.

“Hardware import support” – A lot of components and modules needs to be imported but it is a painful and time-consuming process.The community plans to do weekly consolidated shipments from China thus saving costs and time for all.

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