F.A.Q- Summer course

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! for some

Q1        Who can apply ?

A1        Any S.E/T.E /B.E student from any stream of engineering who is passionate to learn about the booming IoT industry. Only open to students resident in Pune (any university)

Q2    What happens after I apply ?

A2   These are the steps  (all dates r tentative)

– Get an online interview form (May 30 )

Find someone who can refer you … details later

– Check your name in shortlist (Jun 1- 3)

– Interview (4-5)

– Final selection list(6 th )

Q3: Where do I check for updates?

A3 : Yes all updates on  appear on this page .www.iotiot.in/summer2018

Please offer correct WhatsApp number a lot of communication will be over WhatsApp .

Q4  What are the selection criteria ?

A4    We look for passionate students who are really interested in the topic they choose . This is the only assessment we do .The program costs IoTIoT a lot of resources and we would prefer it reaches deserving students.

Q5       Does you offer flexibility, to select batch timing?

A5       Unfortunately no , this is short term course so there will be only one batch .



Q7        Is the course really free ?

A7   Yes it is  selection-based and training is absolutely FREE once selected.

Includes :

All latest development boards to practice on  (retained by us)
Cost of source code (you can keep it and use it anywhere)
Cost of the internet.
Cost of the trainer.

Doesn’t include:

Laptops (bring them yourself)
Stay (currently only offered  for Pune students)

Q8        How many days in a week we need to come ?

A8       The course is Mon-Fri day daily 4 hours .

Q9        Will you let me take home the kit for further practice?Will you sponsor materials and kit for B.E project or startup?

A9        No, we don’t Sponsor Kits all training kits are to be returned at end of training. Although in some cases we may help you get those kits at the cheapest possible price if you plan a B.E. project around the technology you learnt during the course . In some exceptional cases we may sponsor your kit for B.E project too .


Q10   How  can I help?

A10  The end goal of IoTIoT.in is to up skill students and create globally competitive products out of India. The program intends to create tech entrepreneurs in hi tech space so India is on global map for cutting edge products .

1)Please help us spread the word by liking our facebook   page

2)Please volunteer with us even for short time to help us do more .




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