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स्वदेशी Microprocessor Challenge - Innovate Solutions for #आत्मनिर्भर भारत
A challenge by GOI to support Indian Talent

IoTIoT & BHAU Introduction

IoTIoT is a non-profit backed by ShunyaOS,that upskills with the aim of building global startups

BHAU is a DST supported Incubator based out of COEP Pune

Will offer Support


Matching with Industry ideas that have Business Potential


Training on शक्ति processors by IIT Madras or वेगा processors by C-DAC


Technical Drafting


POC/MVP Development


Prototyping and lab support


Support in registering as a startup

Free Technical Support

We have been developing a custom s/w stack (ShunyaOS) for AI and IoT since the past 3 years

The OS has ready APIs for over 200 Sensors, IIoT Industry Components and AI components, helping you quickly integrate and create an application

Criteria for Support

All support is FREE but conditions apply.
Preference will be given to the merit and seriousness
of applicant, to colleges who already have an MoU with IoTIoT/BHAU, Students who have interned with Shunya OS 

NOTE : This is not the official page of Competition.This is a third party support program to help create more  products.The program has no official software partners including ShunyaOS or IoTIoT. All logos and trademarks belong to respective owners.

Visit the contest official page here


This is a third party support program to help create more products. ShunyaOS, IoTIoT or BHAU are not official partners.

Here is a preview, you can get a detailed one by email, once you apply.

This is an entrepreneurial and not an academic contest. The processor wins only if more entrepreneurs are able to launch successful products with it . One of the key traits of good entrepreneurs is they are practical and tap into every available resource to make it happen.
So we are only a resource that some entrepreneurs can tap into to improve their product chances than see the contest a personal skills test.

Fill your details above and you will get next steps via mail.

About Us (for the Curious Ones!!!)

Low Code platform to build AI, IoT and AIoT products.
The OS has pre made APIs to integrate sensors, plc, industrial protocols, AI features etc

AI and IoT Skilling + Internship Program

21+ MoUs
signed with Colleges
25+ Projects

Top Applicants from

IIT Bombay | IIT Kharagpur | IIT Goa | IIT Jammu | IIT BHU | IIT Roorkee | NIT Patna | BITS Goa | SRM | COEP | PICT | VIT | MIT

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