Startup Community Outreach
(Business Development - Sales)

IoTIoT’s is a startup community and its mission is to put India on a global map.

What is the Activity about?

To support the growth of startups we plan to offer them talent, legal and IP solutions as part of our membership drive. Membership is largely free or low cost.
We are looking for someone passionate about entrepreneurship and interested in building a network in the startup ecosystem in India and abroad.

Your Role(mini JD)

Reach out to Startups, pitch details about membership – value addition for them and onboard them in the community.

What you get?

15K-20K / month + incentives on achieving target memberships
An invaluable network in the Indian and foreign ecosystem
Experience letter and certificate to boost your CV

Graphical Flow of Job Description and Payouts

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For the Curious Ones

Job Description

1 : Outreach to Startup founders and onboarding them. 

2 : Outreach to Startup communities and onboard them

3 : Mapping the Indian startup ecosystem founders in AI & IoT and identifying existing communities region wise. 

4 : Build a strong network and relationships with founders.


1 : Has experience of outreach to startups. 

2 : High level of EQ to understand founders and their needs and build relationships.

3 : Well-organised ,disciplined and persistent follower.

4 : Good communication and interpersonal skills.

5 : Experience of hospitality industry will be a plus.

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