This entire program is run by Nikhil Bhaskaran.I am startup founder myself and I started this originally to solve my own problem of not finding enough techies.

Q)Why should I join this program?

A)Technology business has become very demanding.Technology is the base needed to build a tech business but there is so much more after technology challenges r solved. As a startup, if your team is stuck solving tech challenges and by doing it alone or in a small closed group your tech doesn’t evolve enough, your chances of succeeding in a highly competitive tech world reduces a lot. By joining us we bring collective intelligence to work on solving technology challenges so you get more time to grow your business.

Q)Doesn’t this worry you that there will be so many people who know the tech and it will create competition?

A)We think a business is much more than technology.In fact, technology is only an enabler and 30% of a business. The business idea and execution is what we believe makes a winner.So even if many have access to same technology you will win if you have better entrepreneurial qualities and solve something that the world needs more.
Besides competition is global and not local by refusing to spread tech in India we don’t eliminate global competitors and usually due to their collaborative work culture they make it faster.

If convinced, let us take on the world together by sharing strengths. Tell us

What do you need?

Tech Services

We have a structured program that recruits top talent from across all engineering colleges in Pune and trains them BLE/WIFI/EMBEDDED.

If you have a validated business idea and you need a tech team you can request one here.

Study Group

We have regular meetups and study groups in our focus areas you can take lead in sponsoring one to keep yourself ahead in the space by using collective intelligence to your benefit. Sponsor one here→

We have partnered with international startup marketing services, exhibition event owners and hold many events ourselves. You can list your startup by filling in this form and we will contact you when we have something for you.

What do you offer?

Tax-free donation

Contribute money and get a chance to have your tech team built in focus areas or to add more techies to your existing tech team. For all money, you pay you will get tax exemption under 80g (certificate provided by COEP) because while building your team you are helping students get skilled in emerging technologies and this helps India advance in technology.
Option 1 : Pay 1 lac+ equity to this program
Option 2: Pay 2 lacs but no equity to this program
Both options need at least one person from your side for weekly review to ensure you get a team.This is not a completely hands-off team building done for you. Also, we don’t force anyone ever so we don’t guarantee the student will compulsorily join ur startup.This depends on the offer you make.We prefer you offer equity though this is primarily between you and the student.


This is where you can help us the most. By being an industry expert trainer. If you have industry expertise and if you are working on any one of the domains in our focus areas please volunteer to train more students in these areas and in return you can take students to work with you on your own startup idea.
Fill trainer form→

We will pray for your well being and growth like your parents and relatives do and hope one day your startup does very well. Keep in touch.

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