Thanks for applying : 

The goal of this selection exercise is to identify and support Sincere and Passionate students to get a better Career than the one a typical college degree helps them get .
The program tries to support as many students as it can .
But we are a very small team of less than 4 people that does both technology and management, all this while we run our startup .
So please accept my apology in advance if we don’t meet your expectations  at any time, through this selection process .

-Nikhil Bhaskaran


The selection process will follow these steps :

Stage 1 : Check if people align with our Mission

          Step 1 : Test on Knowledge of this Mission and what it tries to achieve .

         Why ? We think people who are better aligned to our thoughts, beliefs and values will stay with us longer and are the ones we should invest in .

          Result :

                We have 3 kinds of people

                       1) Aligns highly with our mission

                       2) Aligns moderately with our mission

                       3) Doesn’t align with our mission /Did not participate in the process

                       1&2 move forward.

                        3 will not be able to join the team, but will be given online resources after the end of selection process

Take Stage 1 Test Here

Start Date: 17th Sept(10:00PM)
End Date: 19th Sept(10:00AM)
Result Announcement: 19th Sept(2:00PM)

Stage 2 :  Identify Leaders and Followers 

        Step 2 : Choose if you want to be a leader or a group member ?

                   Step 2a : For leaders : Choose a persona (your goal type within this program)

                                       What is persona ? Read about it on this link here.

                   Step 2b : Non leaders : Discover your persona through this test.

                      Go to Step 4

        Step 3 : Qualification tests based on your persona choice to help you verify your choice . (Step 3 will result in your persona and verify if you are a leader or member)

         Result :

               1) People who can be a Leader.

               2) People who who are better as Team Members

               1 & 2 both choose domain and give technical test

Start Date: 19th Sept(8:00PM)
End Date: 20th Sept(10:00AM)
Result Announcement: 20th Sept(2:00PM)

Stage 3 :  Test and Group people as per their interests and goals 

         Step 4 : Choose your Domain(IoT/AI).

         Step 5 : Basics and advance technical test

         Result :

              1) People who cleared Technical test

              2) People who did not clear Technical test

              1 will become Team Leaders

              2 will become Team Members

         Step 6 :

                  Leaders pitch to members and Teams are formed.

                  Training begins for all Teams.

                  Not Selected will get Online Resources.

Start Date: 20th Sept(8:00PM)
End Date: 21st Sept(10:00AM)
Result Announcement: 21st Sept(2:00PM)

For further explanation see Flowchart below.

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