Next steps (summer course)

Q) Why is this course being offered ? Your goals ? Why is this fully free ?

A) India lacks innovation and we think the primary reason for this is quality of education offered in India .Much of what is offered in this program is only available today in top rated universities abroad . Some of the programs beat even best universities as they are aligned and updated every 6 months to what industry uses  .
Our 6 months internship program tries to create innovative startups out of India by offering students free access and hands on training on cutting edge technologies in IoT /AI and expects to profit from the startups that might emerge out of this program .The summer course is a primer for the internship . Students who find this interesting and pursue it further ,will be offered 6 months internship .

Q) Is it compulsory to form a startup after we learn ?

A)At no point does this program force anyone into anything , student can decide to take up a job or create a startup with or without us . We believe a small % which will form startups with us will recover the cost invested into training everyone else.  Since everything taught is highly cutting edge even a single startup formed will eventually end up becoming a multi million $$ company.

Q)What kind of students do you prefer?

A)We prefer committed students who are eager to learn something that is better and fully understand why they have chosen to learn a particular subject . We do our best to make sure they make informed choices and not push them into any course   . We think a student should do what he/she loves and we will be patient enough to support them to continue learning until they finish learning it and create something innovative.

Q)How can I make an informed choice ?

A)Please do the following :

1)Make a list of career choices , e.g. Cloud programmer , Java programmer , IoT expert , AI programmer etc.

2)Ask these questions ?

What is the future scope of this technology ?
(each technology reaches its peak and then goes down , prefer new technologies which will keep growing in demand )

Is this is an old field with lot of experts already ? (your chances of growth gets lower because of competition)

Is this a new field with few experts ? (your chances of becoming an expert increases )

3)Most important : Do I like this subject ? Things are getting very competitive and only people who do really good will survive and you can do good only in things you like .

Q)I want to get a quick peek into the course so I know if I like them or not and the possibilities ?

Please refer  below :

Embedded linux: IoT is nothing but miniaturisation of computers and those computers get into every thing from  factory machinery to health care devices to home appliances.

E-Linux course focusses on teaching you how to build those custom small devices and custom o/s for such devices .

E-Linux is a fully instructor led course and guidance is available at all stages .

Router os: Summer course only teaches you to get to a point where u can make a custom embedded router o/s but doesn’t explore all features which is part of the full  6 months internship.

AI on edge : AI on edge is extension of e-linux which involves building custom devices with inbuilt AI algorithm that can interact with hardware intelligently.

BLE :  Bluetooth is an important part of IoT and many smart devices will use BLE enabled sensors to communicate . Adding mesh technology since BLE 5.0 the application scope has increased manifold .

BLE is partly instructor led and partly self learn using resources provided . BLE is relatively simpler and can be learned by trying .

For further information and study material see link below :

Google drive link here :

Q) After research , I want to change my initial selection of course . Can I ?

A) Yes you can do that in next round during online interview .

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