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Learn in a professional environment that is optimised for real applied learning

How does this work?


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Important Dates

Applications are open round the year
Tests are conducted every Saturday & Tuesday 
All applicants in the database are invited to take the test 2 days before the test date

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For the Curious Ones

Getting into this program is hard.
1/10 will qualify in first attempt but everyone who persists will gain.

How is this Different?

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs  with user first mindset :

All skilling is FREE and sponsored by (non profit)

Each module is complete in itself and rewards user for that step. E.g If you fail in coding round, you will get access to learning material .

The skilling program takes a complete industry ready + practical learn by doing approach so even if someone doesn’t qualify for the internship he gets skilled in latest tech and will be able to create his/her own startup or at least have an industry ready skill and certificate in hand.

Full transparency in advance – what you will learn in skilling. See program flow+curriculum below.

Full Internship work description transparency – if you get selected you will be first shown your work and tasks before accepting the internship offer. We dont believe in giving useless tasks to interns. You have right to know what will you learn. 

Mindset Expected from your side :

Entrepreneurship : I own the task I have taken and will do my best to master it by doing.

Open Minded & Analytical : I will always be eager to learn, research everything deep and try to think about the crux of the subject and apply my mind over it.

Persistent : I know even after deep study when I try to implement, things won’t go as planned also this skilling  may not be smooth ,but I will learn patiently and retry with learnings until I complete.

Wall of Fame

Those who complete Skilling :

1 : Get BLOCKCHAIN based Certificate
2 : Get Featured on our Wall of Fame. 
3 : Get an Internship with ShunyaOS, if you are amongst the toppers.

Skilling Program Details

Skilling Modules

Detailed Skilling Program Flow 
and Curriculum

Prepare for Domain Test

For Linux you are expected to know only Linux Basic commands and Shell scripting.Any other Linux knowledge is optional and only good to have

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