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          We are Innovative and different in everything we do.

      Nothing will ever be same after you work with us.

We are an uber-cool team that works on a mission to drive positive change in Tech landscape and profit from it. All our activities look very social but are entrepreneurial in nature. Everyone who joins us profits from being nice and helpful to others.

Options :

These are options we have for you if you don’t fit into any of these and still want to work with us please go to facebook page and ping us.

Tech Services If you are working in the same areas as us of Wifi/Ble /Embedded (microcontroller or Microprocessor based product)  Join us to leapfrog to a completely different level. Show me how

Study group Sponsor a study group. If your company operates in on our focus areas  Sponsor a team or study group on your technology.You will get 80g tax exemption for all contributions made.Contributions can be as low as 5 lacs.For customised proposals options: Contact:

If you are a student and like technology.This is your best opportunity to be around hi-tech and also maybe earn some money by doing entrepreneurial activities while pursuing our mission of up skilling maximum students in emerging technologies.

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