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Master the formula of becoming exceptional and productive by using Modern Tools
Experience modern tools based sales
BONUS : Build at the speed of 5 industry projects every weekend

Sounds Impossible???

No it isn't, you can do this too but what's the catch ?

You need to innovate, master modern tools and latest task automation hacks not taught in any college!!!

Who are we?

We are Shunya OS /IoTIoT an innovative startup that grows by sharing.
We as a team of 4 and manage over 1000 projects and around 1000 people all via automation and tools .

Watch this video of our last event in IIT-B to understand why we want to give away these tools to every student in India

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What are we doing ?

We are trying to disrupt the education industry and are passionate to see world class professionals come out of India.

Who do we need ?

Smart passionate, dedicated communicators with tech skills who learn by helping others learn these smart tools.

What do you need to do ?

Organise these productivity hack workshops(Pre Office) and Developer Workshops in AI and IoT in various colleges over weekend. (Free training will be provided)

What will you get?

1 : The satisfaction of having finally found and also executed the change you always wanted to see in education system.
2 : 20% of Revenue generated from paid activities (E.g If 50 people participate and pay 1000 each, you will make 10,000 on an average. )

Skills we look for

1 : Sales Experience
2 : Excellent Communication Skills
3 : Marketing Skills (Video editing, Blogging)
4 : Passion to create creative IoT/AI projects

The Commitment to doing well by doing good is part of who we are, and it’s one of the main reasons we are committed to onboarding inspired, energetic talent.

If you share the same passion as us
Apply to join us :

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