Eligibility Criteria :

1) You are a student pursuing any Technical Course undergrad or post grad in any college.

2) Currently not open for Diploma students.

3) Students who have graduated already cannot apply.

4) Prior knowledge of linux is good but not mandatory.


In our previous round we got 700 applications and selected 60 students .This batch we expect more than 1000 applications and to help you us pick you from among the crowd here is a list of

Do’s and Dont’s

Do’s :

1)You have proven track record of  self learning  .

2)You have participated in technical hackathons ,projects .

3)You have visible passion for engineering .

4)You scored low in engineering , lost a year or a subject because you were chasing some technical project out of passion(yes we prefer dropouts or students who scored lower and who had a reason for it )

5)You help us in promoting this program to more students by taking lead in organizing seminars or other social media awareness .

6)You are not just alone but have a team that has demonstrated serious work in the past.

7)You are generally a positive person who ignores the small issues and focuses on the larger positive picture.

8)You are smart enough to figure out ways to balance both college and time required for this internship.



1)All you care is getting credits to your name than really learning the subject.

What if I fake it during the interview ?

Sure you may get selected but you will not complete the internship as it is very demanding and serious work
and remember we don’t give certificates so without completion it is as good as waste of time for you .

2)You can’t work in teams . You can only do things solo .

The logical reason why we cant take such people in is :We only work on cutting edge technologies and aim at being globally best. Tech has evolved so much and become so multi dimensional and  complex no one individual can do it all alone . It needs collaborative effort to solve it best so we win globally.


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