College Connect (Marketing)

COMPANY GOAL : Upskill marketing aspirants in India by giving them a Learn by Doing environment of working on Live Projects

What is the Activity about?

IoTIoT plans to upskill marketing aspirants in various colleges across India. We have the entire program with learning material ready. We are looking for leads to connect with MBA colleges for the program and/or market to startups/companies interested in offering live projects.


The only Learn by Doing Program where you learn by delivering results to your first marketing client. This is like your first Professional Marketing Assignment and not just a theory program on concepts.
A product backed by tech expertise(AI) of ShunyaOS

Your Role(mini JD)

Connect with college marketing club leads, organise awareness webinars and/or market to startups/corporates interested in offering live projects.

What you get?

-> Fixed stipend of 7k-10k
-> Experience letter to boost your CV and build your own Linkedin profile.
-> You can also learn the modern AI based marketing process by working on a live project in the program if you want to.

Graphical Flow of Job Description and Payouts


For the Curious Ones

Job Description

-> Contact marketing club leads across colleges and outreach about the Learn by Doing Program.

-> Conduct online webinars to create awareness about next-gen marketing techniques and processes.

-> Find partners and onboard them with online demo and Q&A

BONUS : Get to learn and experience a Learn by Doing Program using next-gen AI tools..


7K-10K fixed stipend for support 

Additionally : If the Learn by Doing program becomes paid for students, you also get 20% of the revenue shared (This is if the market is willing to pay for a program)

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