AI Projects

Research Projects​

Core projects that go deep research into AI and technologies related to AI.

  • 20 yrs of experience in finding Unicorns.
  • Just Kidding 🙂 Details Coming Soon.

Industry Sponsored Projects

Industry ready projects that are sponsored by the Industry.

  • 20 yrs of experience in finding Unicorns.
  • Just Kidding 🙂 Details Coming Soon.

Core Projects

Projects that include building core components in Shunya OS for AI.

  • Apply to Iotiot Skiling + Internship process and Score above cut off in coding test.
  • This needs high merit in coding to qualify. Usually only 20/600 qualify for this and projects are complex and personal attention is given to help clear it.

Grade 1 Projects

Industry ready projects/products. Products/Projects that have demand in the Industry.

NameDescriptionDomainGitlab Link
Digital Signage SolutionCurrently the signage solution works with RFID now need to convert the RFID based to pointing a finger by the user. Like user points a finger then the Digital signage shows the details of the object pointed. See product sample for moreAIoT(coming soon)
AIoT based Content DeliveryDeliver content to multiple digital signage iot devices and monitor how many people see them using AI face detectionAIoT(coming soon)
Customized gesture recognition softwareAn application that allow users to create customized gestures as per their wish and use them in their own systemAI Factory Automation(coming soon)
Identity Card RecognitionImage recognition applications that use machine learning to classify extract data and authenticate documents such as passports ID cards driver’s licenses and checksFactory Automation(coming soon)
Voice PrescriptionAn app to write formatted prescriptions based on dictation from doctor. The app should provide facility to sign the prescription and also send to the patient directly on his phone and email id In version 2: The method of storing the medical records (EHR) should follow relevant compliance laws like HIPAAHealthcare(coming soon)
Shelf Scanning Robots for Retail (Super Store)A Moving camera with edge AI moves across all aisles of a super store to scan and make report of : 1. Missing products 2. Wrongly kept products (mismatch in label and product stocked) 3. Damaged products 4. Disoriented products Retail(coming soon)
Camera based Solutions for Retail 1. Correct Shelf placement of brand 2. Customer activity detection around brand (picked up and then abandoned) 3. Customer suspicious activity opening the product or drinking or eating Retail(coming soon)
Active Shelf monitoring camera for retailCamera that is able to count inventory on the shelf and report to cloud on real time basisRetail(coming soon)
Image Processing based vehicle detection using number platesA cost effective solution for residential or corporate areas to detect unknown/unidentified vehicles from entering the premisesAI Security and Surveillance(coming soon)
Selective blurring Protecting Your Identity: Selective Facial Blurring It just blurs the selected part in the videoEntertainment(coming soon)
AI Signage systemThis product helps media owners to reach out targetted audience for particular product advertisement. Targetting can be done on these factors: age gende location season (time-Campaign period)Retail(coming soon)

  • Anyone interested in AI can apply to Iotiot Skiling + Internship process.
  • This is second in merit order to qualify and named Project Internship but within Project internship you do Grade 1 projects.

Community Projects

Community contributed projects that solves Industry problems, may or may not be Industry ready.

Name Description Domain Gitlab Link
Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon

  • Anyone interested in AI can apply to Iotiot Skiling + Internship process.
  • This is easiest in merit, has no criteria anyone interested can join. Also named Project Internship - you get to do Community Projects.

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